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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:Limit of 1500 token per sale for non-accredited investors located in United States.
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Bringing Over $2 Trillion in Equity Back to Property Owners Globally with Blockchain


Do you know that your house is only yours in 94%? The remaining 6% really belongs to the real estate agent you’re going to hire. Private properties are worth $15 trillion in the U.S., while their owners are set to lose $900 billion. That’s how much the comissions will take. This is why Deedcoin aims at decentralising and streamlizing the industry. Thanks to bringing a direct connection between customers and agents. By tokenizing real estate comissions, Deedcoin is able to return as much as $750 billion to property owners.
The issue of high real estate comissions does not apply exclusively to the U.S. All over the world, private real estate is worth more than $200 trillion. Deedcoin uses blockchain technology and makes all the well-known bureaucracy redundant. Deedcoin regains control to the property owner by removing the middleman. Deedcoin’s network and infrastructure are already up and running and partner brokerage deals have been already concluded in 140 cities, 50 States. Deedcoin agents plus a cutting-edge platform are there to support the property owners. No more than 50 Deedcoin is required to keep 5% more of the quity in a house after selling it, allowing the owners to enjoy full service agents for a comission as low as 1%.

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Whitelist Yes
Token Sale Hard Cap $ 28,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap $ 4,000,000
Token Symbol Deed
Token Type ERC223
Token Distribution 70% Token Purchasers 15% Founders 15% Company Reserve
Initial Token Price 1 token = 1.50 USD
Participation Restrictions Limit of 1500 token per sale for non-accredited investors located in United States.

Core Team

Matthew Herrick
Co-Founder, Director of Product
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Charles Wismer
Co-Founder, Lead Business Coordinator
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Thomas Spangler
Lead Platform Designer
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Phillip Mrzyglocki
Media Director
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Jin Li
Full Stack Engineer
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Ali Zain
Blockchain Programmer
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George Herrick
Business Manager
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Sam Mallikarjunan
Marketing & PR Strategist
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Joe Davies
Community Director
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Matt Lawson
Content Manager
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Sam Mihal
Media Manager
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Emily Thacker
IT Project Manager
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Advisory Team

Jorge Cordova
Yuri Hideacki
Jim Weix
Katie Ananina
Greg Tavalsky
Henry Ines
Mike Stricklin
Jeff Peterson
Momentum Realty

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