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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:USA, SA
Rate:85% ICO website

Decentralized platform for gamification of business-to-customer interaction.


IZX combines advertisments based on location, mobile gaming and loyalty program to create a unique product – IZX decentralized platform. IZX brings gamification to marketing: an advartiser puts game tokens in games, and the player may collect them in locations around the city and exchange the tokens for discounts or special offers. It’s a bit like PokemonGo, but carries a real-life value, creating a new, highly engaging model of a loyalty program.

Whitelist No
Token Sale Hard Cap $ 25,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap $ 5,000,000
Token Symbol IZX
Token Type ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution Crowdsale 50% Ecosystem incentives 30% Core team 13 % Advisors & Early Bakers 5% Bounties 2%
Initial Token Price 1 IZX = $0.01
Participation Restrictions United States, China And Russia etc. are restricted and cannot participate. For more, please refer to Triwer KYC on their website

Core Team

Alexey Zagainov
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Alexey Studnev
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Renata Yusupova
Project Manager
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Advisory Team

Abas A Jalil
Dr Jason Corbett
Norazmi Otman
Yury Bayda
Ville Oehman

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