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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:Citizens of US, China, North Korea and Iran can't paticipate
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First blockchain community for safer driving


Kasko2Go lowers the cost of insurance for those who drive safely, bringing safety to the streets and boosting the culture of driving. Kasko2Go’s strong points are the AI tech, top-notch team and a cutting-edge business model. All that allows them to believe they are able to change the world’s insurance industry.
The biggest advantages of Kasko2Go solves the biggest problems of the industry: expenditures, accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Kasko2Go’s service costs are 20% to 50% cheaper when compared to others. This is possible thanks to the fact their data is more accurate, while the expenses are reasonably minimized.
  • Forget about bureaucracy: the usage of AI and precise telematics brings more details to the cases of car insurance. This provides more precise investigations, higher payments and many more!
  • They have spent more than 5 years on the research of millions of drivers, gaining the most in-depth understanding of driving patterns all over the world. They supply telematics data to Google since 2012. Their unbeatable precision gives them the possibility to offer it at a significantly lower price.

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Whitelist No
Token Sale Hard Cap € 22,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap € 3,000,000
Token Symbol K2G
Token Type ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution 600 000 000 tokens are created: — 67% (400 000 000) will be sold. — 18% will be distributed to the Founders and the Team; lock-up period of one year. — 15% are intended as Incentives for Users of and Contributors to the kasko2go platform. — 3% will be distributed to Advisors and Ambassadors.
Initial Token Price 1 K2G = 0.1 EUR
Participation Restrictions Citizens of US, China, North Korea and Iran can’t paticipate

Core Team

Genadi Man
Co-Founder, CEO
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Dmitry Bakutin
CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2go
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Dimitri Wulich
Senior Risk Manager
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Andriy Khavryuchenko
Lead blockchain architect
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Arina Man
Co-Founder, Board Member
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Anna Petrova
Insurance Underwriting, Financial Modelling

Nikolay Gora
Head of Project Development
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Konstantin Kupriyanov
Marketing Communications Director
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Advisory Team

Denis Dovgopoliy — Investor Relations Advisor
David Braun — Sales Advisor
Marcus Tuor — Financial Advisor kasko2go AG
David Braun — Sales Advisor

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