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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:USA
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TV-TWO builds a Blockchain-based ecosystem for video entertainment on the big screen that allows consumers to earn crypto watching TV.


Today’s TV environment strongly needs to be modernized. All over the globe, television platforms act as a broker, increasing costs of advertising, lowering payouts to content creators and increasing subscription costs for the audience.

To keep their current influence and profits, the biggest ones block innovation of content delivery and ads. A big part of the audience is highly disappointed with the current state of traditional tv. They seek for the highest quality, personalized content that will meet their needs.

In the meantime, technology typhoons like Google or Facebook seek to build empires and get even greater power thanks to their reach. The reason is simple, even nowadays, tv is the biggest advertising market worth $180 billion.

TV-TWO gives the control back to the audience by a transparent and fair Open Platform.

It consists of:

  • An app for ConnectedTVs where old-school tv meets personalization bringing highest quality streams without any subscription costs. The content may be opened with a single click.
  • TTV – Token for Television, ERC20 token that is the currency used fofr value exchange between the user, provider of the content and advertiser. This creates a brand-new tv environment, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, allowing the parties to interact directly. Users may watch streams and receive TTV for watching ads. Creators receive tokens for the top-quality content.

TTV is offered as an ICO. A fixed amount of the tokens will be released, so each new user joining the platform will raise the token’s utility.

Official video

Whitelist Yes
Token Sale Hard Cap ETH 50000
Token Sale Soft Cap ETH 2500
Token Symbol TTV
Token Type ERC20, Ethereum
Token Distribution Available for Purchase: 75%, Team Members: 15% (vested over three years), Supporters: 6%, Campaigns: 4%
Initial Token Price 10000 TTV = 1 ETH
Participation Restrictions USA

Core Team

Jan Phillip Hofste
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Nicolas Schnorpfeil
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Christopher Obereder
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Philip Rottschäfer
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Cody Lamson
Blockchain Developer
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Advisory Team

David Ben Kay
Oliver Laurence
Philip Nunn
John Patrick Mullin
Tim Wegner
Simon Cocking
Arthur Zubkoff
Tobias Schulz
Kai Rieke
Dan Biton
Harold Kim

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