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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:USA, Israel, North Korea, Lebanon
Rate:96% ICO website

The Zeex Protocol lets you buy real-world products and services from hundreds of global brands using crypto, without fiat or fees.


Zeex is the 1st financial technology corporation in the world which lets its clients to buy things using cryptocurrencies in a smooth, natural and decentralized manner. Until today everyday usage of cryptocurrencies was narrowed down by low liquidity, heavy usage friction and the fact they still rely on traditional money. Thanks to connecting cryptocurrencies with gift cards, Zeex builds a big-scale liqudity network, thus making usual shopping with crypto a matter of several clicks. It is characterised by decentralization, encryption, being frictionless, and doesn’t involve traditional currencies or comissions. The protocol of the Zeex is the pioneer of bringing off-chain assets onto the blockchain so everyone can use their cryptocurrencies both online and offline. This way Zeex creates a completely new market for the providers of gift cards, allowing them to boost their operations and being benefitial for their customers at the same time. This creates a mutually profitable situation.

The decentralization is imposed by an automated and permanent flow of transacion, skipping the middleman. This makes the shopping experience instant, secure, while guaranteeing anonymity at the same time. The first target is creating a customer-friendly shopping platform basing on the industry of gift cards for cryptocurrency owners. That’s not all of course. The target is integrating Zeex with the most popular cryptocurrency wallets. This will open the way for smaller businesses to enter the profitable market of prepaid cards, meaning cryptocurrency owners will be able to take advantage of limitless opportunities of using their cryptocurrencies in their everyday life. Finally, our concept for the days to come is revolutionizing the industry of prepaid cards by implementing blockchain technology at the POS. The market of prepaid gift cards is currently worth $700 billion and it’s likely to grow two times in volume in 5 years. Zeex will make it even more safe and secure for a small part of the current costs.

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Whitelist Yes
Token Sale Hard Cap $ 50,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap $ 14,000,000
Presale Start Date July 5th, 2018
Presale End Date July 6th, 2018
Token Symbol ZIX
Token Type ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution Token sale 50% Partnerships 20% Team 15% Reserved 10% Community 5%
Initial Token Price 0.0002 ETH
Participation Restrictions US Citizens, Israeli Citizens, North Korean Citizens and Lebanese Citizens are restricted from participation

Core Team

Guy Melamed
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Ziv Isaiah
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Apan Amos Damri
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Yaniv Barak
Head of Business Development
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Rafi Glantz
Community Manager
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Ilan Schifter
Blockchain Developer
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Victoria Tsitrinbaum
Marcom Manager
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Noam Malter
Chief Architect
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Eyal Solnik
Operations Manager
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Advisory Team

Eyal Hertzog
Sebastian Stupurac
Adrian Lai
Sonic Zhang
Ken Shishido
Mai Fujimoto, Miss Bitcoin
Arturas Asakavicious
Liron Langer
Gigi Levy-Weiss

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