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Restrictions KYC:yes
Restricted countries:USA, China Singapore, Canada
Rate:85% ICO website

AR Social Network with cryptocurrency environment, finding friends in a few steps.


An extremely appealing challenge of a week’s best selfie. If you Selfie receives a higher number of likes, you climb up the leaderboard ladder on the Selfie Tower. By accepting a task, teaming up with friends and taking selfies you get the possibility to earn Gold!
By combining augmented reality with geolocation, a brand new form of communication is created, allowing to find friends as easy as never before.
Selfie go includes an in-house ad network, a marketplace and a system of transferring tokens, giving any business innovative ways of promoting their products and increasing sales.

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Whitelist No
Token Sale Hard Cap TBD
Token Sale Soft Cap TBD
Token Symbol SGO
Token Type ERC-20 Ethereum
Token Distribution Token Sale 50% Company Service Fund 35.5% Slow emission for internal Auction 10.5% Advisors 3% Bounty marketing 1%
Initial Token Price 1 SGO = $1
Participation Restrictions USA, China Singapore, Canada

Core Team

Andriy Semenyuk
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Stanislav Petrovskyi
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Dmytro Kustov
Chief Strategy Officer
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Julia Morar
Head of PR
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Max Shash
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Nataliia Homolska
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Advisory Team

Romanas Ramanauskas
Jens Kroeger
Caterina Ferrara
Jillian Godsil
Bogdan Fiedur
Morten Christensen
Krzysztof Wozniak

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